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Becoming a surrogate mother

2063124 Version2Becoming a surrogate mother is an amazing opportunity to help couples or singles who cannot have children on their own. It is very important for us to help and support surrogate mothers so that the whole process you will be in contact with your coordinator. We´re doing our best to protect the health of potential surrogates and newborns, therefore all candidates undergo strict screening process.

Surrogate Mother Requirements:

  • Be 18-37 years old
  • Have health reproductive history, have given birth to at least one child
  • Be completely healthy, be non-smoker and non-drug user
  • Be psychologically healthy
  • Have a healthy height and weight
  • Submit to comprehensive criminal background check
  • Be willing to complete lengthy application, provide photo and detailed medical information, as well as psychological assessment.


Once your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule interview to go over the process in more detail and make an appointment for psychological evaluation. Once we have intended parent that we believe is the best match for you, we assign you to that particular program. Then the medical part of the process will start and the embryos will be transferred. Your pregnancy test will be performed in two weeks after the transfer through a blood test. Once the baby is born, your parental rights will be relinquished as stated in the surrogacy contracts.

To learn more about becoming a surrogate, contact us.

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