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Homosexual coupls

d04148bdbd4a4a3dce8cd560401bfe3fWe believe that homosexual couples have the same right to be parents as well as another couple. We provide the same care to all intended parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, age or religion. You have to decide who will be the genetic father to provide the sperm. There are several options to decide who will provide the sperm:

  • One partner will provide the sperm for the first child and another partner for the second one. The main drawback of this technique is that children will not be genetically brothers, just in case if you repeat the egg donor they will be genetically related.
  • You can fertilize the eggs from a donor with the sperm of one partner, and other egg with the sperm of another. If they have a good quality and the surrogacy mother approves the transfer of two embryos, so each will be genetically related with one of the parents.

Any intended parent providing sperm will need to provide medical tests for infectious disease and sperm analysis. We are dedicated to help gay couples to create a family. BioTexCom is happy to help both of you to make your dreams come true.